Looking for a Gift?
Do you have a family member who is either a beginner or avid coin collector? Check out our coin-crafted artwork designs custom created to showcase a variety of coins from the past.
Where The Buffalo Roam - A Coin Art Design by CCaC
Where The Buffalo Roam

Do You Collect
U.S. STATE Quarters?

Visit our custom webpage for any collector interested in the U.S. Quarter Dollar series celebrating all of the States and Territories. {read more} You can use our quick Year Minted guide. {read more}

Artwork from Around the World
Did you know that foreign coins feature a wide range of interesting designs? You will find a variety of people and scenery, but we are very impressed with the many types of animal and life forms from around the world chosen by coins designing artist. {coming soon}

Welcome to the CCaC

We are a new startup and family-run business whose hope is to be successful by presenting offerings that are not always mainstream.  Our products include a very diverse range of items from the everyday to creative designs that you won't find anywhere else. We strive to offer you interesting and unique items that you may find desirable to expand your collection or purchase as a gift. Browse through the gallery showcasing some of the many products we currently carry or have previously offered. Visit our ETSY Store here.

Our Philosphies

To start with, we do not adhere to the tabu against "coin cleaning" because we believe that it is mostly hype created by and publicly proliferated by the big coin grading companies. A coin should look as good as possible to reflect the original design and feel intended by the artist and mint that created it. You as a coin owner should be proud to display and show off your coins regardless of what others say. {coming soon}

We can respect you as our customer even if you do not like an item that we offer or the price we are asklng. In turn, we ask the same respect towards us from you. Like any company, we purchase from different wholesellers and retailers, but we also purchase many of our resources directly from people like you {read more}.  If you have something to sell (get rid of), by all means contact us..

Helpful Information
The Demise of Coin Cleaning
U.S. 1-Cent "Wheatie" Rarity Listing
U.S. Quarter Dollars - States and Territories

How To Spot Un-Trustworthy Dealers
You always hear that you should consult a reputable coin dealer, but exactly how do you find one? This is not an easy task, so we will tell you how to spot the "bad" dealers with this checklist of questions that should set off red flags.

1. Are all of the prices openly displayed so you do not have to ask, "How much for this one?"
    If you have to ask, then the prices are most likely way too high.
    This technique is used to make you feel guilty for not buying the item that you just showed interest in.

2. Does the dealer charge you less if you pay Cash for the purchase?
    Perhaps the dealer states that if you use a Credit Card then you will have to pay Sales Tax.
    If the State cannot trust the dealer to properly collect tax on legal sales (and possibly go to prison),
    then why would you fully trust the dealer is not over-pricing or passing off junk coins as valuable?